Saturday, April 6, 2013


Just met alot friend yesterday and i found out they are still in the stage of 'Unknown' what to change. Personally i think its a simple way to aware on this.

If something doesn't work out even you have change externally, include people, environment, position, situation, etc., then you need to change internally, which is YOURSELF. :-/

But human are very naive, they think they are good enough in current position and wanted the external environment follow their way. Boss always use these sentence:

"Girls wish guys change to be better, Guys wish girls to maintain and never change"

If we are aware ourself and change ourself to be better, people around us will truly appreciate us :-)

There is NO PERFECT, but it can be a BETTER than before.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Internet Success Asia

Finally i'm back!!!!

Oppsss hahaha!!! Why?

Hmmm... yesterday i did attend a workshop name "Internet Success Asia". It teach us how to earn money with using a Free internet service. I found it very interesting workshop and would like to take a try here hahahaha!!!!


Thursday, July 21, 2011





既然不能接受这种人陪在自己过日子。。。。 那为什么我还要冒险这个没保障的生活呢??

那为什么还要保留这份感情呢?? 你可以拥有自己的自由也不必为我而烦恼就可以做你想要的事情。。。。


Sunday, June 12, 2011


就算再酸的心,也不能说不的一字。因为我只是他的人生中的见证者。 不能改变一个人的选择。要记住!!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

World of seductions

Its been a long period i had not touching on my blog.

Today i do wanna touch about the topic above.

So how to start?? hmmm..... lets start about the definition of dating, attached, into relationship, and family.

dating = more than normal relation of friend
Attached = a couple who into each other, certain commitment
Into relationship = this is what alot people confuse, as its not the same meaning of attached. its about less than attached with alil freedom in outside world.
Family = most human wont happy to touch in this stage as it is equally binding ones lifetimes.

But, among above, nothing can stand front of Seduction of world. Human are greedy creatures nevertheless they will chase a better quality. Happiness are always the last part of the whole story, why?? without seductions, no one will crazy on it, the best example; Iphone, who are not crazy on iphones?? hahaha!!! Plus Iphone5 is coming soon and people are crazy to wait for it.

human, you must have perfect in everything in order for outsider to go and get you, or else you have to step back and sit down. Seduction is always the best and evil act to attract someone out there.

Friends, Welcome to the World of Seductions. You will never miss it because you are surrounding by Evils :-)

PS: Nothing, NoOne Not ever are perfect things/creatues, so you have to chase after the Perfect in order to get close to UPPER LEVEL.

Thursday, May 20, 2010


Whatever had happen become a past. Atleast i had done everything i can without any regret. Yes, i'm back to Single and goes to attached again. When comes to this situation, rumours back again which even more serious. Honestly i'm getting tired when heard those rumours, so i chose to accept what they mention and put it as part of CNN news.

Boy isnt a bad lover, just he is not enough be a better lover. I'm happy he did have alot change once we have our own path road to head out. I did think about i do have regret with my decision before... and i did tell myself, i have no regret.... 最好的安排。Because something happen for a reason and some reason can change people's lifestyle and own road path. I believe boy will have a better road in future as long as he have a better change as i can see now. I will love boy always no matter what :-)

On the other hand, yes i am date with someone now. What makes me felt funny is.... this person is just too much similar with boy, and i was like knew how to get used to this person.... always i have been myself, patient and calm. Whenever he try to make me angry, i just dont have the feel of angry, maybe had get used to it on previous such precious relationship. Anyway, just felt he's different from others.... he have the characteristic of all my Exs.

Lately my friend had teach me alot things, and the most precious lesson i learned is HOPE & EXPECTATION. We only can have hope and expectation on ourself but not to others. From this part i learned how to love someone even more. Maybe i was too strict on myself and used it to other person by right we can only hope on ourself on how to love people more rather than expect how people love us. Now i'm learning this part of lesson and always will remember it. Love is Love, Love never comes with hope and expectation.

Foster brother getting dissappointed of me due to what had happen lately. I never blame him as he's still the most important person in my heart and i will love him always no matter what... Just the matter that he had change alot as well, just before Bangkok trip. Sometimes i just put the sin to myself for what i had done. He's still kid and nevertheless naive person.

Truly alot thing happen in my life but still i'm standing up here with my own belief. In the end, i just like to say i still have true friend who doesnt care about rumours but know who am i in real. Thank you very much.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Had a little accident again.... on my finger :-P

Yesterday, heavy rain in KL area and i was slip down with hurt my finger.... What a bad day....
but nothing can stop me being a weaker!!!!
Will have gym tonight again :-)